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Who writes this stuff?

Welcome to HCT! My name's Eric Rowell. I'm the founder and Chief Editor for this site, the creator of KineticJS which is an HTML5 canvas framework that extends the 2-d context, and author of HTML5 Canvas Cookbook by Packt.  I previously worked at Yahoo, and am now a senior web developer at LinkedIn, which is quite possibly the coolest place to work.

Neat.  So what's HCT all about? is dedicated to exploring everything you need to know about HTML5 Canvas by providing structured tutorials and creative labs.

All of the tutorials on are organized by chapters and sections and are accompanied by live demos and editable code. You can use this site to learn about HTML5 Canvas for the first time, as an HTML5 Canvas reference, or as inspiration for your HTML5 Canvas projects.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay!