Is Mobile Design the Way For Small Businesses to Get Ahead?

January 8, 2016 at 2:44 pm By

It’s undeniable that while the majority of web browsing is being conducted via mobile devices. That can only mean that optimizing your business’ site for mobile browsing is the way to ensure more of a presence and chance of getting your name out there. Tech Co lists a few steps in doing so for small business owners and their developers/designers.

The five steps that Tech Co suggests are as follows: preparing for mobile marketing, creating a mobile-friendly website, making the most out of mobile social media, moving towards responsive design and making sure to touch on holiday marketing as well as testing on new devices.

“The first thing you should determine is what you want from your mobile technology and figure out the objectives of the brand new mobile marketing campaign,” according to the report.

“Basically, this means that your mobile marketing campaign will go to waste if the users can’t browse your store, make purchases, or ask questions while checking out your page via mobile device.”

This is also good for developers and designers to keep in mind as something to pitch to small businesses who may commission them for the job of creating a mobile presence for the company. The next step is obviously strictly for the developers and designers who have the task of creating mobile-friendly websites.

The article states that “you should limit the data entry required to a minimum in order to provide quick page load time.” They also suggested signup areas for text alerts for whatever it is your company provides. Building a social media presence is important for all businesses because it gives you to build a following and the trust of consumers who would have likely been a bit skeptical before diving into your site/company.Β 

In 2015 many sites were putting a focus on the fact that responsive design would rule in 2016. This is no exception to that notion.

When it comes to the best web design practices, responsive design is essential, and it can even save time for marketers, since it can enable catering to a greater mobile audience without the need to create a separate mobile app or site,” according to Tech Co.

Mobile design has a ton of advantages for any business but small businesses who need the advantage and the designers and developers responsible for the sites might also want to focus on it as well.

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