What's HTML5 Canvas?

HTML5 Canvas is a part of the new HTML5 spec that enables web developers to create stunning graphics on the web with JavaScript.

HTML5 Canvas Cookbook

HTML5 Canvas Cookbook by Packt explores all of the new possibilities that canvas brings to the web by providing step by step recipes that are designed to get you up to speed with HTML5 Canvas.


About the Author

Eric Rowell is a professional front-end web developer and entrepreneur who is fascinated with the web industry, business, technology, and how they fit together.  He's the founder and chief editor of Html5CanvasTutorials.com, an HTML5 canvas resource that's designed to complement the recipes in this book, and is also the creator of the KineticJS library, a lightweight JavaScript library that extends the 2d context by enabling canvas interactivity for desktop and mobile applications.  If you're feeling social, you can follow him on Twitter at @ericdrowell.

HTML5 Canvas Cookbook [Paperback]

Eric Rowell (Author)

Packt Publishing

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