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HTML5 Canvas KineticJS Animation Tutorial


To create custom animations with KineticJS, we can use the Kinetic.Animation constructor which takes two arguments, the required update function and an optional layer, or array of layers, that will be updated with each animation frame.  The animation function is passed a frame object which contains a time property which is the number of milliseconds that the animation has been running, a timeDiff property which is the number of milliseconds that have passed since the last frame, and a frameRate property which is the current frame rate in frames per second.

The update function should never redraw the stage or a layer because the animation engine will intelligently handle that for us.  The update function should only contain logic that updates Node properties, such as position, rotation, scale, width, height, radius, colors, etc.  Once the animation has been created, we can start it at anytime with the start() method.

HTML5 Canvas KineticJS Animation Template

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