Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has said some pretty terrible things in his life. His recent speech announcing his 2016 run continues that notion with his claims that it costs him $3 dollars to get someone to build his website.

“And remember the five billion dollar website?” Trump said in his speech, according to CodingNaked.

“Five billion dollars we spent on a website, and to this day it doesn’t work. A five billion dollar website. I have so many websites. I have them all over the place. I hire people, they do a website. It costs me $3.”

The statement didn’t bare any truth and was completely ripped apart by the Soeren W of Coding Naked.

“He must be joking, right? First, I assume he’s referring to the Affordable Care Act website, which only cost $100 million (according to the highest estimates),” said W.

“That is startlingly expensive, but it’s fifty times cheaper than Donald’s claim of $5 billion. Exaggeration much? Second, and more importantly, I’m incredibly doubtful that anyone, even the Donald, could convince someone to make a website for $3, unless it looked like this.”

The bashing continued with a funny get up of what would appear to be Donald Trump’s presidential campaign page. It was complete with blatant jokes that both developers and other’s who think his campaign run is a joke would enjoy, including an “Obama = Demon LOL” subheading on the fictional site.

After all of the fun, the article did explain that Trump’s attitude is one shared by many American’s when it comes to developers and freelancers. The argument for this was a clients failure to realize how much work goes into the development of a website as they then proceed to tell you how much they think it would cost.

“The hardest job for a contractor is not the job itself; it’s convincing people that your services are worthwhile,” says W.

“In an attempt to do so, many of us make the mistake of making our job sound easy, because we want to show that we know what we’re doing. For your own benefit, and for the benefit of all freelancers, you’ve got to stop selling yourself short.”

The article makes a strong case to really go against those that are not educated on just how hard it is for developers to do their jobs and deal with unappreciative clients.

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