Advertisements make online browsing a pain at times but it’s inevitable because it’s a source of revenue that websites cannot ignore. However, for mobile browsers, ads can be a very frustrating part of browsing or gaming especially when it’s so easy to accidentally click on one.. So, Google is looking to eliminate the “accidental advertisements” to appease users.

“In all, Google is making three key changes to ads that appear on smartphones and tablets, starting off by adding an unclickable border to the outer edges of advertisements,” reported Mark Wilson of BetaNews.

“This should help to eliminate clicks that are made by mistake when trying to scroll through a page or click something else near an ad. To ensure that a tap was made on purpose, it needs to be made nearer the center of it.”

The redesign could also bring relief to users who browse viral websites that may feature native ads that when clicked on, navigates them away from the page they’re viewing. It’s a well known frustration among users of all ages and for the younger application gamers, it could be a more pleasant gaming experience to come.

The final changes tackles problems with in-app popup ads for other apps and games,” according to the report.

“In the past such an ad feature a clickable app icon which led to the relevant Google Play entry. Unfortunately the ‘close ad’ cross button was part of this icon, making it incredibly easy to interact with the ad when trying to close it. From now on, the app icon will be inactive and a separate button will need to be hit to grab a copy.”

While the update is mainly geared towards making a more pleasant experience for the user, Google also says that it will reduce advertisers cost from accidental clicks, further improving the conversion rates of their ads. The company says they have already seen a “15% average conversion rate lift on display ads by driving more qualified clicks with these updates.”

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