Facebook Provides Service for Identifying Malware on Macs

July 20, 2015 at 5:30 pm By

In response to the Hacking Team malware that leaked documents revealed to be on computers all over the world, Facebook has released a “query pack” for users to detect the company’s malware on Mac OS X.

415 GB of leaked documents in an ironic hack revealed much about Hacking Team’s cybersecurity practices, including e-mails that indicate the company has used drones to infect devices with malware. 

Facebook is the latest company to get involved, and has published “query packs” on its coding page for users to refer to in order to tell if their Mac is infected by Hacking Team Malware.

“These query packs form part of Facebook’s ‘osquery’, a free and open source framework that can be used to gather network data and quickly ask questions to uncover potential security threats. It’s part of the social network’s own security defences and was updated recently to protect against some critical Apple Mac and iPhone vulnerabilities” according to TechWorm.

The packs are equipped to identify advanced persistent threats (APT) as well as adware and spyware. 

Right now, the query packs only work to identify malware on the Mac operating system, but users with other operating systems need not worry.

“Facebook told Forbes it hadn’t put together other query packs for other operating systems but noted that users can simply create their own queries to identify other “indicators of compromise”, such as slow performance or daemon processes,” according to TechWorm

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