Being in the IT business and being a developer whether you’re on the coding or programming spectrum, can be a very rewarding career. For many in their respective countries, web development can make you a pretty good living. What about those who are looking to do a little more with their skills, say, help a nonprofit organization out?

Tech Republic‘s Lyndsey Gilpin outlined a number of ways “techies,” as she refers to the consensus, can get involved with nonprofits and do something a little out of their daily routine.

“Many organizations need IT, coding, or website help, and that’s only going to increase as technology redefines the nonprofit world,” said Gilpin.

She outlines the five ways that include, joining a community, finding a charity, attending a hackathon, asking you employer and finally learning a new skill. At first glance these ideas might not seem like ways that IT professionals could get involved in nonprofits, however, Gilpin explained the reasoning behind her madness.

When it came to joining a community, Gilpin recommended Catchafire.

“Basically, you pick a topic you care about, like ‘black male achievement,’ ‘maternal health,’ or ‘animals,’ and then pick what you’re good at,” commented Gilpin on the service.

“It could be ‘data analysis,’ ‘digital marketing,’ ‘engineering,’ ‘web development,’ or a range of other fields in technology. Catchafire helps you find a project to work on from there.”

Other examples to support her five main agendas for those looking to help nonprofits include, Hastagcharity,, Reallocate, Codeniti and Free Code Camp.

Gilpin makes it very easy to find a way to give back. To get the full outline of how you can give back read the full story.

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