Mobile devices can’t seem to handle loading complex or HD pages in a quick manner. However, one iOS application called Speedafari is looking to help browsers who want to eliminate their loading time and save some battery life, according to recent reports.

It’s mostly due to the fact that the pages contain ads, high definition displays and even simpler, the fact that your phones data relies on cell towers that aren’t always in close proximity. That’s where Speedafari can aid the mobile user, according to CNET. The app features content-blocking capabilities so right off the bat you know it contains some type of ad-blocker that can be very beneficial to users whether mobile or PC.

After explaining how to get started with the application, the report added that, “when you swipe down to invoke the Today screen and tap Speed Up Safari, Speedafari will load pages based on three aggressiveness levels.” Those levels are low which blocks ads and tracking scripts, medium that blocks all scripts and fonts and finally high, which is able to block everything but the main HTML scripts, according to CNET.

“Indeed, it would be nice if the app could be set to kick in automatically when you’re no longer connected to Wi-Fi, but for the moment you have to enable it manually. At least it’s only a Today-screen swipe away,” commented Rick Broida of CNET.

Applications that provide efficiency will be a clear draw for users and it will be interesting to see how many actually use this application. There are many ad blocker apps in Apple’s App Store, however, there are very few apps that may go as far as Speedafari goes. There hasn’t been any reports on poor performance from the app but bugs can be expected as with any other app.

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