5 Go-To Sites For Web Designers and Developers

November 6, 2015 at 12:28 pm By

Whether it’s inspiration, deals, how-to guides or news, the five websites curated by the Huffington Post pretty much has everything you’ll need, according to their report. The article argues that just being a good designer or developer won’t cut it because of all the awesome websites out there right now.

“You need to have a site that is memorable and be able to make a statement with your design without “screaming” at your target audience as some sites do,” according to the Huffington Post.

“You need to be able to provide a unique and different experience for your target audience otherwise you might lose your target audience.”

So, they created a list of five websites that offer community help, general tips, where to go for the latest software, what some of the trends are in development and design are and much more. The five websites include, WebDesigner News, Smashing Magazine, Dribble, A List Apart and Awwwards.

“If you’re a web developer or designer, you’ll want to follow these 5 top websites so you can connect with a likeminded community, get inspired and re-conceptualize the value of your brand and business,” according to the report.

The web design and development communities are so large that there is a plethora of information out there, waiting to be absorbed by eager individuals in the profession. One of the best ways to learn is from your peers and that’s what Awwwards allows you to do.

Awwards is a place where some of the best work is showcased by the top designers worldwide. You too can showcase your own designs and for those who don’t get enough recognition from their clients, you could be eligible to attend an award ceremony to be honored for your work.

“You’ll also find a special focus web standards and best practices,” according to the article’s breakdown of A List Apart.

“An added value of this site is that it also pays for freelance writers to write on timely topics that are relevant to web design and development.”

These websites all bring something special to the table and if you are looking to master your craft they can be pretty good resources as well.

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