We’re all a little cautious when it comes to the things we allow others to see or know about us. It seems as if Google has come to that realization, which is now sparking a change in the way they handle what others can access in terms of online profiles and more.

“Rollout out earlier this week, the new “About me” page shows your social media pages, personal details such as your birthday and a link to access your Google privacy settings,” according to CNET.

“You can directly jump into each section and delete or change the information to control what people see about you.”

Once you edit your privacy settings in the “About Me” page, it automatically reaches out the other accounts such as GMail, Google+, YouTube and Drive to ensure that they are all up to speed with how much information you want visible to the public. According to the report, Google does plan to make improvements to About Me over time.

“The Privacy Checkup takes you on a step-by-step tour of your privacy settings one section at a time,” according to CNET.

“You can see how your Google+ profile page appears to the public and then choose to remove certain content, such as photos or reviews. You can also tell Google not to use your Google+ photos as background images on Google products and services or show your name and photo in shared endorsements that may appear in ads.”

Furthermore, if you don’t want other to see the YouTube videos and channels that you are subscribed to, you can also tweak the privacy settings to match your needs. The service seems dedicated to making sure that the user feels very comfortable online and grants users a glimmer of privacy in an online world where it’s becoming more less possible to stay off the grid.

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