In wake of the recent Comcast breaches, CNET took it upon themselves to highlight a few smart password habits to have in order to better protect yourself from having your information compromised. They are all simple and could save you from being another victim like the some 200,000 who have had their Comcast log-ins put up for sale in a recent hack.

In case you needed a reminder: Change your passwords frequently, and use a different password on every website,” said Laura Hautala of CNET.

“Hackers didn’t breach Comcast’s computers to steal the information. Instead, they created their list of passwords with information stolen from you and me. Sometimes we’re so gullible that hackers can trick us into giving them our password.”

Hautala maintains that staying away from using the same password or at the very least, varying the way that the password is made up could be the potential difference maker when it comes to online security and safety. That’s not the only step, Hautala also outlines a few other ways to help keep your accounts safe.

She suggested you use complicated passwords, not to use the same password for different accounts, change your passwords frequently and us multiple factors to log in.

Randomly generated passwords that use special characters and numbers are best,” according to Hautala. She used the example of setting your Facebook password to the name of your beloved Pomeranian. Chances are your pet is on social media and so is their name, leaving you susceptible to having that password easily guessed by a hacker. 

While Hautala also suggested that you use password managers, she also said that those too can be hacked. Password diversification can help prevent all of you accounts from being hacked at the same time. The same applies to changing your passwords frequently.

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