Brave Web Browser Aims to Block Ads Without Ad-Blocking Software

January 22, 2016 at 2:13 pm By

If you use a web browser like Google Chrome or Safari, chances are you need to install an ad-blocker plug-in that will help make for a better browsing experience. However, the Brave web browser is making a case to end the entire plug-in method.

“Online advertisements track your every move around the Web, slow down the loading time of pages, and some carry the risk of infecting your computer with malware,” reported CNET.

“No wonder ad-blocking software is growing in popularity. But what if a browser could automatically block ads to protect your privacy?”

The user experience really suffers when web sites are filled with ads especially the annoying pop-ups. While not all ads carry malware, most of them appear as if they do because of the pushy nature. If they do in fact carry malware and you have no virus protection the next best thing is an ad-blocker to prevent your machine from falling victim to a virus. This is why the solution may be found in a web browser.

The Brave web browser is still in beta testing but it’s purpose is to work as a browser that automatically blocks ads.

“But there’s a twist to the privacy protection — it puts its own ‘better’ ads in place of the ones it blocks,” according to the report. 

Users can only hope for an ad-free browsing experience but Brave, unfortunately doesn’t seem like answer. Sites thrive on ads for revenue and so does the Brave browser. Until there is a way to monetize sites that doesn’t involve pop-ups or other intrusive ads there will never be an ad-free browsing experience. Still what Brave is providing is a safer way of viewing ads, rather than eliminating them all together.

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