Google Chrome Cracks Down on Deceptive Embedded Content

February 4, 2016 at 2:36 pm By

As if the ad-blocker application wasn’t good enough, Google is now taking bigger security measures for the Chrome browser. The browser is being fitted with a deceptive embedded content detector. User safety is being put first in many companies in 2016 and in return the user experience has proven to be much better.

“Browser will warn of any embedded content such as ads that pretend to act like, and look and feel like, a trusted entity,” according to Computer Weekly.

“The new warnings are part of Google’s Safe Browsing initiative and the latest update in the company’s effort to target social engineering attacks. Safe Browsing, which is enabled by default for users of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, is aimed at highlighting web security threats and encouraging safer web security practices.”

Google has been known to crack down on security threats that might plague users such as phishing attacks that are designed to steal personal information. The deceptive content they are now battling can trick users into entering personal information by posing as a reputable ad or source.

“This means that Google’s Chrome browser will warn users if an ad links to malicious content, if an image claims that software is out of date to trick users into clicking an ‘update’ button, if there is a ‘play’ or ‘download’ button that has been made to look like the rest of the site but links to malicious content, or if there is a survey button designed to trick people into revealing personal information,” according to the report.

With Google putting security first it’s becoming more of a viable option for users when browsing the web. With the new movement to stop hackers and malicious attacks, it looks like browsing is finally moving towards an almost bulletproof approach.

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