98% Of South American Communications Intercepted By NSA

July 9, 2015 at 1:10 pm By

It looks like there is some bad news for South Americans, at least according to WikiLeaks frontman Julian Assange who claims that the NSA is intercepting 98% of all South American communications.

Brainflayer Software Steals Bitcoins From Your Brain

at 1:06 pm By

Digital currency never seemed more vulnerable after reports surfaced that there is a new software that allows hackers to steal Bitcoin from your brain. Brainflayer is the name of the technology that will be featured at the DefCon hacker conference.

MasterCard Turns Selfies Into Payment Identification

July 8, 2015 at 12:57 pm By

MasterCard is shifting mobile banking to another level and celebrities such as “Selfish” creator Kim Kardashian might be on board with this one for sure. The company is introducing a new facial scan program that will approve online purchases making it harder for hackers to make fraudulent purchases.

Cryptographers Challenge FBI’s Mobile Proposals

at 12:56 pm By

It’s looking progressively worst when it comes to privacy and security in the U.S. especially for mobile users. According to a new report, the Federal Bureau of Investigation might be looking into making proposals that would put every mobile device and their chat history in danger.

Hillary Clinton Pushes Cybersecurity In 2016 Election Conversation

July 7, 2015 at 1:25 pm By

During a campaign stop in New Hampshire, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton discussed the importance of focusing on cybersecurity as she claimed that China tries to “hack into anything that doesn’t move in America,” bringing cybersecurity to the forefront of campaign issues for the moment.

Hacking Team Gets Hacked

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Being a hacker or a hacking team doesn’t make you immune to hacks. One team finds out the hard way as Hacking Team, an Italian surveillance firm, had a barrage of internal documents leaked through a “400 gigabyte trove on bittorrent.”

Hacked Wireless Routers Spread Fraud Malware

at 1:03 pm By

Users don’t expect their wireless router to be tool for hackers to use against them, but a recent report shows that there are certain flaws in wireless routers that could be very costly to users.

Web Owners Privacy At Risk

July 6, 2015 at 1:16 pm By

A new proposal proposed at ICANN will look to limit access to proxy and privacy services which could expose web owners personal information such as their address to the entire Internet. “When you register a domain, you must post information, including an address, phone number and email to a global database called WHOIS,” according to Sarah Jeong and Kendra Albert…

Adobe Urges Users To Update Flash For Safety

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Security flaws are becoming very dangerous for users of various software companies across the globe. A new Adobe threat has the company urging it’s users to download the latest version of Flash or they could be the victim of a malware like attack. “China-based advanced persistent threat spotted using the Flash flaw, which has now entered malware kit Magnitude,” reported…

An Honest Review of Amazon SES

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$75/month doesn’t seem like much considering your average cell phone plan usually costs more than that. Β But when you’re sending out email blasts to your subscribers, that price tag is a cause for concern. Β It also happens to be what MailChimp charges for only 10,000 subscribers. I own a few websites, and I have one site with a healthy list…