China Will Cooperate With The U.S. Over Cybersecurity

June 25, 2015 at 5:57 pm By

The United States and China are now cooperating in attempts to create a safer cyber community between the two nations that could involve a code of conduct.

“Following two days of talks that ended Wednesday, the US touted progress in convincing the Chinese government toΒ work together to devise a code of conduct for cyberspace, according to the Associated Press,” said CNET‘s Lance Whitney.

“No specific details were revealed, but President Obama said he ‘urged China to take concrete steps to lower tensions’ in cyberspace, while Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi said his country is ready to cooperate with the US on cybersecurity.”

Whitney says that this could be hard task to achieve given the cyber tensions between the two countries in the past. He sited the most recent attack where hackers were able to gain data of millions of U.S. government employees. This led to a back and forth game where each country dished out their own accusations. Now, there is sign of peace among the two nations ready to create a safer cyber relationship.

“There was an honest discussion, without accusations, without any finger-pointing, about the problem of cyber theft and whether or not it was sanctioned by government or whether it was hackers and individuals that the government has the ability to prosecute,” said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in a statement addressing the attacks.

While the issue at hand remains between the U.S. and China, Kerry is also urging all countries to address cyberspace etiquette. There is an unlimited amount of dangerous that exist within cyberspace and the new push to make it safer could lead to a crackdown on hackers all over the world.

“The Secretary of State said that cyber intrusions have raised security concerns and hurt US businesses and that the two countries should work together to determine the appropriate level of behavior in cyberspace,” reported Whitney.

No further reports on what the code of conduct will consist of are available at this time.

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