The Hip Tech Hostel For Web Developers

July 14, 2015 at 1:23 pm By

The West Coast, specifically San Francisco is really becoming a place of gathering for hopeful web developers who are trying to find their big break. However, one place in particular stands out from the rest and it comes in the form of a 41 room “Hostel.”

In “A Week Inside A Hacker Hostel,” Ashley Gilbertson explores one of the premiere places for web developers to flock to in San Francisco, full of colorful individuals. That 41 room building is called 20Mission and its one of the hippest “crash pads for tech entrepreneurs.”

In 2012, Jered Kenna was searching for a place to live in San Francisco when a friend mentioned a 12,000-square-foot, former single-room-­occupancy hotel in the city’s Mission District,” reported Gilbertson.

“Kenna, an ex-marine who made millions from early investments in Bitcoin, decided to lease the building and create a place where coders and artists could live side by side, sharing ­resources, meals, and chores.”

Adonis Gaitatzis, 32, was one of the first residents in 2oMission and said that it didn’t always look as good as it looked now. After some work here and there, Gilbertson says that 20Mission is now a commonplace for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. 

“Three years after Kenna started 20Mission, its 41 rooms are booked solid,” said Gilbertson.

“A small room with a shared bathroom now runs $1,800 a month. Stays can last years but are typically a few months. Today every room has a door, and the front door unlocks with the tap of a smartphone. Rent is paid in cash, check, or Bitcoin. The ­Internet router takes up an entire closet. In the basement there’s a television studio, where residents produce a weekly Web program called Money & Tech.”

It’s not surprising to learn that most of these residents aren’t concentrating on big paydays, they would much rather have the freedom to create and build something they want to build.

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