What Do Well Constructed Websites Contain?

November 12, 2015 at 2:29 pm By

As a designer, developer or both there is often a moment before diving into a project where you decide what you want to go for and how you want to accomplish it. Everyone has their own interpretation of what the necessities of a well constructed website are. That being said, Business 2 Community highlights five important aspects that they believe well constructed websites need.

“Spend a little time surfing the web and one quickly observes enormous variances in quality level from one website to the next,” says Ally Lennon of Business 2 Community.

“The author’s firm prizes high quality website generation.”

Lennon highlights five ways that developers can find the same level of success and they include: discovery/planning, design, file preparation, front end development and back end development.

“A thorough discovery process needs to be-undertaken and a firm well structured plan to be generated,” according to Lennon.

“Knowing what you are building is vital. Onsite processes, page titles, and brand message need to be established before entering any design and build effort.”

As for the design which Lennon said always comes before the development, she believes that the home page should be the first thing that is handled. The home page is likely the area where you will either keep or lose browsers based on appeal and usability. If the page is not user friendly you’ve already lost a point with the browser, if it’s difficult to navigate why even bother.

As for the file preparation, Lennon said that the slicing of photoshop source files for front end development is the way to go. The final stages are more self-explanatory where as both front end and back end development involves coding languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript on the front end and others like PHP for the back end.

Lennon’s basic building blocks seem pretty self-explanatory for the seasoned developer or designer, however, it’s a great start for incoming developers who are aiming to operate their own firm.

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