Quick SEO Web Design Tips For Optimization

December 7, 2015 at 3:37 pm By

All web owners or blog site wants to be the first to appear in Google or any other search engine when their product or expertise is searched. Business 2 Community has outlined “5 Web Design Techniques to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly.”

The sites, five tips included making the site responsive, include important texts, optimize your images, having a text-based navigation structure and remember to redirect. Most designers know these tools are very useful however, for beginners it might be some pretty useful news and tips that could make clients very happy.

“The number of website visits that you would get now-a-days are from mobile devices,” according to Business 2 Community.

“Out of these, 50% of the search made by the consumers lead to a store visit within the next few days. 78% of the mobile searches made result in offline purchases.”

As a browser, there is nothing more frustrating that going to a website that is not responsive. We are all spoiled in the sense that we need things to work when we want it to work without having to wait too long. This is especially true when it comes to technology.

Optimize your images with texts that will increase their search visibility. Optimized images get a chance to appear more often on search engines,” according to the report. 

Image optimization comes lower on the list but ultimately what Business 2 Community proved with their design tips is that a happy user actually makes all of the difference. Generating constant traffic to your website will give it a lot of clout when in comes to search engines.

“Designing an SEO friendly website is not just about making yourself visible on the search engine. It is also about designing a template that brings in the right functionality that makes the user experience visitor friendly,” according to Business 2 Community.

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