Most Intense Hacks Committed

June 18, 2015 at 2:18 pm By

Cyber security remains not-quite up to snuff. Don’t believe that statement? Well, below are 10 extreme hacks that might change the way you look at cyber security in 2015.

“Any device with a computer chip can be hacked, but not all hacks are created equal,” says Roger A. Grimes of InfoWorld.

“In fact, in a world where tens of millions of computers are compromised by malware every year and nearly every company’s network is owned, truly innovative or thought-provoking hacks are few and far between.”

The extreme hacks that made Grimes’ list include ATM Hacks, Shocking Pacemakers, Card Skimming, Wireless Card Hacking, BadUSB, Stuxnet, The NSA’s Order Book, Cryptographic Attacks and Car Hacking.

Grimes says that most ATM’s contain computer programs. Where there are computer programs there are obviously hackers. He referenced one of the most famous ATM hackers Barnaby Jack, who hacked two commonly used ATM’s in front of a crowd in 2013.

He used a wide array of tricks, but his most reliable method was to plug in a malware-laden USB storage device to the ATM’s physical USB port, which isn’t always protected from unauthorized access despite advice from ATM makers,” said Grimes.

Jack also took his hacking exploits to pacemakers by distributing extreme shocks to patients who used the devices. In this instance the hacks targeted the life of a human being worth way more than money that could be acquired through normal cyber hacks.

Jack’s examples are only some of the many everyday devices that use computer chips to control them. Life altering hacks such as Jack’s pacemaker breaches prove that cyber hacking is a real danger to those who are ignorant to the way their devices are controlled. Lately there hasn’t been many reports on credit card hacks however, they do still exist and credit card companies try very hard to both protect against, prevent and in some cases cover up hacks. Do you think that

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