Mobile devices and electric vehicles could be benefitting in terms of performance in the future, as Samsung has stumbled on a way to nearly double the capacity of Li-Ion batteries according to new research.

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) said the technology uses silicon cathode material coded with high-crystalline graphene to produce batteries with twice as much capacity as ordinary lithium-ion batteries,” reports the Korean Times

“The institute said the research result was published in the international science journal Nature Communication on Thursday.”

Over the years Li-Ion batteries have been improved but this new report could mark a huge milestone in the overall development of the power source. It hasn’t been easy to work with either according to the report.

The report claims that the material’s properties have “limited improvements to capacity, failing to follow skyrocketing demand from the mobile and electric car industries.”

“Consequently, researchers worldwide have accelerated the development of materials for a high-capacity battery that can fundamentally overcome the limitations in graphite material.”

The new research is a breakthrough but it’s also a little ways from being used in upcoming technological devices according to further reports.

While the technology sounds promising, keep in mind that this is just a research project,” says Kevin Tofel of ZDNet.

“Any commercial implementation won’t happen quickly, so for now, you’ll have to keep plugging in that phone, tablet or watch every night.”

Whether or not the new technology is implemented sooner or later, it manages to show growth where it was almost attainable at such a large volume.

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