Wix Web Development Releases Wix Music 2.0

October 21, 2015 at 1:36 pm By

The web development company Wix has released a new music suite for a emerging artists. The Wix Music 2.0 is designed for artist to upload, sell or distribute music with fans.

“Looking at the industry and the way today’s digital solutions are built out, we really wanted to provide one platform where they can do it all,” said Liat Karpel Gurwicz, head of strategic marketing for Wix.com, according to Variety.

“It changes the whole way artists can function online and the way they manage their digital presence.”

The company has attained endorsement from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. While both artists are considered emerging anymore their endorsement is a pretty big one for the web-development company. Web development companies are finding ways to diversify their endeavors but the entertainment market is one way to really take off.

“It’s going to change the whole way artists can function online and manage their digital presence,” says Gurwicz.

“We’re not saying you don’t need the existing industry, but … there are other ways for artists to promote their music and once fans know who they are, it’s much easier to sell to them and engage via their own website.”

The development company managed to create a pretty useful tool when it comes to the entertainment industry. It’s not very easy to establish a new suite in a tech world where almost everything has been done before. Moving towards the emerging artists market is a very risky but smart tactic.

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