Android Phones in Danger of Text Hack

July 28, 2015 at 2:29 pm By

Android users may want to be on alert as a new report reveals that their devices can be hacked with a text, due to a massive security flaw in the phones software.

“A security research company has found what it’s calling “the mother of all Android vulnerabilities” – a flaw in the popular mobile operating system that could give hackers access to millions of users’ personal data,” according to CBS News.

“The flaw was uncovered by the security firm Zimperium, which says it exists in the media playback tool built into Android called Stagefright.”

CNET explained, that hackers can send a text message containing malware to an Android device. Unlike other malicious software, where the user has to open up the message, this one works once it’s received by the smartphone.

“It would give them complete control over the handset and allow them to steal anything on it, such as credit card numbers or personal information,” according to the report.

“In a blog post on its website, Zimperium said 95 percent of Android devices worldwide are vulnerable.”

“The targets for this kind of attack can be anyone from Prime ministers, govt. officials, company executives, security officers to IT managers,” said Zimperium in their report.

Luckily for Android users, it doesn’t appear that hackers have put the software into practice. Google also explained that they sent a fix to their partners upon learning about the dangerous hack in order to prevent their users from falling victim to a seriously malicious cyber attack.

As mobile phones move further into the “phablet” atmosphere, dangers will continue to show themselves, however, it’s strange to think that no one has chosen to exploit this software and would be even more interesting to see who developed it in the first place.

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