Automakers Unite to Create Center for Addressing Cyber Security Concerns

July 16, 2015 at 6:12 pm By

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a unity of twelve different automakers, announced that it will be creating an information and analysis center through which the companies will be able to address cyber security threats targeting vehicle software. 

“The organization said that the new center will be up and running later on this year, and that it will be distributing cyber threat information to the automakers involved with the hub,” according to Fortune

The center is intended to be an effort to address growing cyber security concerns and threats of hacks as automobile technology advances and “leads to a much more insecure automobile landscape.”

“[W]e are announcing an added layer of cyber protections by launching an Auto ISAC that will serve as a central hub for intelligence and analysis, providing timely sharing of cyber threat information and potential vulnerabilities in motor vehicle electronics or associated in–vehicle networks,” said Vice President of the AAM, Rob Strassburger in a statement.

“The Auto ISAC will allow automakers to more effectively counter cyber threats in real time and further enhance the industry’s on–going efforts to safeguard vehicle electronic systems and networks,” he said.

The AAM thinks the center will make strides in cyber auto-security, but hopes that Congress will also begin enacting legislation to “include legal protections that facilitate cyber security information sharing.”

“As automakers prepare for an increasing interconnected future, we have the opportunity to anticipate and prepare for the complexities and challenges that the future may bring.”

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