Developer Finds Beats 1 Radio Stream For Android Users

July 2, 2015 at 1:45 pm By

Not even Apple could stop developer Benjamin Rumble from finding an unencrypted stream for Apple Music‘s Beats 1 Radio that Android users can listen to via an embedded link on his own website.

One of the surprisingly better features found in Apple’s new streaming music service, Apple Music, which launched yesterday to much fanfare, is its human-DJ’d Beats 1 radio station which broadcasts to 100 countries worldwide via the Music app on iOS devices and via iTunes on the desktop,” said Sarah Perez of Tech Crunch.

Android users were informed that they would have to wait until Fall but Rumble gave Android users to access Beats 1 Radio early through their browser.

Rumble explains that managed to find an unencrypted HTTP Live Streaming URL for the service and decided to post it to his website,” according to the report.

“The stream allows users to listen to Beats 1 on iOS 6+ devices, Android 4.1 and higher, and via Safari on OS X, he says.”

Tech Crunch does caution that if users continue to flock to Rumbles’ site, there is a possibility that it could crash due to a high influx of traffic. They also pointed out that Rumble wasn’t the only one who was curious about finding ways to listen to Beats 1 Radio. They cited a Reddit users who were also able to find additional streaming methods outside of iOS.

There are a number of these available, though, including Safari (OS X/iOS), Chrome (Android/iOS not desktop), Quicktime X (OS X), Microsoft Edge (Windows 10), Media Player Home Classic (Windows), TuneIn Radio (iOS/Android), and others listed here,” reported Perez.

Apple shook things up when they announced they would be entering the streaming service market that features competitors such as Spotify and Pandora. Beats 1 Radio features DJ Zane Lowe who leads a team of handpicked DJs that are debuting some of the latest music and artists according to Apple.

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