Hammertoss Malware Mimics Users While Stealing Information

July 29, 2015 at 1:51 pm By

Malware developers are getting smarter at what they do as the new software called Hammertoss has managed to change the way hackers can steal your information, by mimicking regular computer use.

“A new type of malware found by security company FireEye mimics normal computer user behavior the entire time it’s compromising files on a victim’s machine,” reports CNET.

“It can even time itself to the victim’s work schedule. That renders all those efforts to look for strange behavior useless.”

Imagine your computer doing it’s work as normal without detecting malware that is stealing vital information from you. It could be the ultimate hack, as Hammertoss seems to be the equivalent to the invisible cloak in the Harry Potter series. What’s even worst is CNET reports that because of how inconspicuous the malware is, antivirus software might not even notice it as it works it’s way through your files.

In a world of seemingly relentless hacks that have leaked millions of medical records, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers, this software shows exactly what we’re up against,” said Laura Hautala of CNET.

“Hammertoss is essentially a first-class spy, and it’s working for a group that FireEye calls APT-29, the 29th state-sponsored group on FireEye’s watch list.”

In terms of how it operates, the article says that the software starts with Twitter and then after further instructions, your information is loaded on to a cloud server for hackers to enjoy.

FireEye’s also told CNET that they’ve never seen a malware software with this level of sophistication. It’s always the things we can’t detect that are the most dangerous for obvious reasons and now users have yet another type of dangerous malware to worry about, one that can not even be dealt with by antivirus software.

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