Inexpensive Way to Learn How to Be A Developer

August 5, 2015 at 1:48 pm By

The world can never have enough web developers. With coding and programming only recently hitting schools in the U.S., those who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to attend development classes in college now have a cheaper alternative.

“The road to becoming an established web developer is a challenging, but readily accessible one,” said Business Insider.

“Even if you avoided the computer science lab in school, there are a boatload of online lessons that are more than eager to get you up to speed. The most organized of those lessons can cost a pretty penny; StackSocial’s Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Course costs just $49.”

The programming languages being taught in the course include: “Adobe Dreamweaver devtool and moving through the basics of front- and back-end languages, like HTML5, JavaScript, mySQL, and PHP.”

The program does not promise that you will become an absolute pro but it’s responsible for helping you navigate your way to becoming a more diverse developer with all of the programming languages offered. According to the report, the course is normally over $400.

This lends itself to serious questioning as to whether or not aspiring developers even need courses like this when there are a world of tutorial sites that breakdown all aspects of web development and also provides shortcuts. The report does leave any feedback from actual users so it’s not quite sure how effective it is. Of course, the value is pretty impressive but it will be interesting to see how effective it really is in teaching web development.

“It’s a bit misleading to think you’ll be a web development ‘pro’ when the 45 hours of lessons are all said and done, but you’ll certainly come away with a better understanding of the terminology and processes your would-be coding career will entail,” said Business Insider.

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