iOS 9 Ad-Blocker Apps Excites Users

September 18, 2015 at 1:03 pm By

iOS 9 adapters seemed to be more excited about being able to have an ad-blocking capability than a multitasking one according to a recent report which shows, Ad-Blocker’s among the top apps in the Appstore.

“One of the better features in this week’s newly released version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9, is the ability for users to block ads on mobile websites, along with other content that can slow down browsing and eat away at mobile data plans,” according to TechCrunch.

“And while somewhat of a geekier feature to implement – users have to download apps then head into iOS’ ‘Settings’ to enable their blocker of choice – it seems that new iOS 9 users are thrilled to have access to this added functionality. Only a day after the release of the updated software, ad blockers are topping the charts in the App Store.”

Browsing your mobile device can sometimes be a bit more annoying than using a desktop or laptop. Ads can really get in the way of the browsing experience and sometimes limit the amount of information you are able to access. Some of the top selling apps such as Facebook or YouTube seem to be unaffected by the change but users are still moving towards ad-blocking apps many even shelling out money for them.

“For example, the Top Paid iOS app today is the new ad-blocker Peace, a $2.99 download from Instapaper founder Marco Arment,” according to the report.

“As he explained when announcing the app on Wednesday, Peace currently supports a number of exclusive features that aren’t found in other blockers yet.”

There are also a number of applications that cater to users who might only want to deal with their ad-blocker once to limit the amount of times they have to mess with their settings. Smarter and more efficient browsing is no longer out of reach.

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