Oracle Adds JavaScript to Cloud Tools for Developers

October 28, 2015 at 1:20 pm By

The Oracle Corp. is turning to JavaScript functionality as an addition to their cloud-based development services/products. The move is said to target both developers and business users according to ADT Mag.

Oracle in the midst of its OpenWorld 2015 conference embraced JavaScript in brand-new and improved developer-oriented frameworks, services and toolkits, making it a first-class citizen along with its mainstay Java language,” according to the report. 

JavaScript is now being used in innovative ways that are slightly unrecognizable to its roots. It’s becoming an increasingly popular programming language making it a go-to for many developers. The company is capitalizing on the popularity of JavaScript while giving their users what they want, a capability that lets them use a programming language they love.

“While Java continues to be the most popular development language in the world, JavaScript has become the second most popular language with a growing developer base utilizing it for both server and client-based functionality,” Oracle said in a statement yesterday after announcing JavaScript in its development tooling, according to the report.

“Many organizations are leveraging a combination of these languages in their application development efforts. To address these needs, Oracle offers a comprehensive set of services, toolkits and development frameworks that enable organizations to apply developers’ skills across these technologies, to deliver nearly any type of application, including enterprise apps, lightweight container apps, Web apps and mobile apps.”

The JavaScript extension will also support MVVM design patterns, CSS3 and HTML5. Now developers have yet another tool to add to their arsenal, one that research shows, is the second most popular development language next to Java.

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