Amazon Tightens Up Security With Two-Factor Authentication

November 19, 2015 at 2:26 pm By

Cybersecurity has been a huge issue in 2015 with the countless amounts of account breaches. One of the biggest shopping extravaganzas of the year is coming up and Amazon wants to give its users added security against having their accounts hacked with a two-factor authentication system.

“Two-factor authentication tries to ensure that you are the owner of an online account by requiring two methods of identification when you log in — typically your password and some type of code or PIN that you receive on your mobile phone,” according to CNET.

There have been a few major retailers that suffered breaches over the years. CNET cites Target and Home Depot, two companies that suffered breaches in the tens of millions. Amazon is trying to protect it’s users from a credit card fraud or having their personal addresses stolen. Hackers are becoming smarter which calls for companies to get smarter about how they protect their customers. 

CNET provided a step-by-step rundown of how Amazon customers can set up the two-factor authentication system. It may seem a bit extensive but it can make a pretty big difference in security. If someone tries to access your account you’ll be alerted by a message delivered to your cell phone asking you to confirm the log in. 

“Hacks against retailers often expose credit card data along with other personal information,” said Lance Whitney of CNET in his article.

“Many sites respond by implementing stronger security on the back end. But ultimately, you’re in charge of your own account, so a method like two-factor authentication gives you the power to better protect yourself.”

With Black Friday coming up your best bet is to protect yourself against any vulnerabilities when completing your holiday shopping.