Are Wireframes the Best Supplement to Site Maps?

February 17, 2016 at 2:22 pm By

The overall layout of a design can be challenging to some and as of lately sitemaps aren’t quite cutting it when it comes to building/designing a successful website. A new report claims that wireframes could be the best remedy for the issue and might have a lot of clout when it comes to creating a successful site.

“A wireframe is part design and part schematic. It is a way to visually represent the functionality of the website. The more complex the system, the more involved the wireframe should be,” according to Jon-Mikel Bailey of Business 2 Community.Β 

“This maps out the functions of the homepage showing where certain calls to action will be placed and how the main navigation will appear.”

In terms of overall layouts, wireframes can help you derive the best possible choices that would make the most sense for the design you’re going after. Bailey also shares an example of a more complex wireframe application that can be used when seeking your clients approval on the site design.

“We can review this with the client and discuss functionality using this ‘prototype’ model as a reference point,” says Bailey.

“This saves time in that it will dramatically reduce the back and forth during the development phase. Of course, putting together wireframes for an application isn’t a completely simple process.”

So, not only are wireframes a good way to manage the design of the site, they can also ensure that your time is not wasted giving you a more efficient way of working towards the best possible designs.

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