Is EverWeb Web Design App Worth $80?

August 25, 2015 at 1:35 pm By

Web designers sometimes struggle with applications or software they use to help them create bold and successful designs. For Mac users, this can be pretty challenging as well. However, MacWorld‘s Nathan Alderman has shone the light on the EverWeb design app that he says should be pretty useful for beginners and professional designers.

“No single Mac web design app offers the ideal blend of power and accessibility,” said Alderman.

“But Rage Software’s EverWeb comes closer than most, helping you build attractive, useful sites with minimal hassle.”

The software costs $80 which is pretty pricey by normal standards. However, Alderman insists that the app is very easy to use with it’s central layout being surrounded by the sit structure on the left. Toolbars and inspector panes are also placed in easy to navigate areas on the website allowing users to navigate quickly.

“EverWeb doesn’t build in blog support, though a help video promises that feature in future versions,” said Alderman.

“And like many of its rivals, EverWeb doesn’t do HTML tables or bullet-pointed lists, unless you want to write that code yourself. Still, the drag-and-drop widgets EverWeb does offer are impressively powerful and intuitive. In seconds, I assembled a decent-looking photo gallery and an attractive image slider, dropped in a Google map, built a contact form, and embedded HTML5 audio and YouTube video to a test page. All worked perfectly when viewed in my browser.”

While Alderman maintains that the app is perfect, he says it does enough to make it useful to pro designers and holds itself as a simple way for new designers to create successful designs.

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