Are Larger Images Harming Websites?

March 8, 2016 at 6:31 pm By

It’s always good to find useful tips that can save you from some pretty bad moves when it comes to creating efficient web designs. A recent round-up of tips from E27 is pointing the finger at larger images as being the culprits in slower loading times. They also presented what they believe are the best tips to optimizing your web design.

The list addresses website loading time, optimization of images, fancy code and a fourth area for miscellaneous material. While it’s a pretty brief summary of each area, there are some pretty useful tips within the article.

“When starting out web design the first and foremost tasks is not to configure a new Photoshop project to the specifications of the new page,” according to E27.

“On the contrary tasks such as planning and creating the wireframe, making sure you list all the issues related the website loading speed and efforts in the direction of picking the right design format for the website are more important.”

In terms of website loading time, the article urges designers to realize that they are designing sites that will be viewed on multiple devices and platforms. The big warning comes when using large images.

“The fact of the matter is that massive images are still not advisable,” according to the report.

“The big images will still slow down the website and affect the overall performance of the website. Besides which it is also necessary to make sure your images are responsive too, so that it appears good on the mobile browser.”

Images seem to be the big enemy when it comes to designs so designers be warned, advise your clients at scaling down their images or they could lose plenty of traffic.

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