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5 Brilliant App Development ideas to build in 2023


app development

Great app development ideas: where do you find them? Almost 3 hours daily and a month and a half annually - that's exactly how much time an average American spends on the phone. Funny videos with cats don't account for all of it. What is more important is that people also spend money on apps. In fact, $935 billion is the expected revenue for this segment in 2023

Such profits make ambitious entrepreneurs wonder about trending app ideas and how to bring them to life. Let's figure out the first point about new ideas. Keep reading to know more about not only the ideas, but also app development costs and how not to spend a fortune on it. 

Telehealth App: Medicine 4.0 Isn't Going Anywhere

The global pandemic may be winding down, but online healthcare is still in huge demand. It's convenient and fits into the busy life of a modern global citizen, as well as being included in the pool of promising app development ideas. No wonder it has brought the largest revenue share to the market

Investment App: Finances Are Always a Hot Topic

Remember a few such apps you may have tried yourself, haven’t you? Mobile app ideas on personal money management are on the rise. 6.39% is the annual growth rate anticipated by Statista. One of the best-known budgeting app ecosystems, Intuit, earned $5m in February alone (2023).

Productivity and Motivation: Ever-popular Trending App Ideas

People always want to improve themselves, and there's a huge industry built around this human need. According to Statista, self-improvement is one of the most promising android app ideas, with 91% of phone users confirming this continuing trend with their clicks.

Refugee Support: Giving-Back Kind of Mobile App Ideas 

Unfortunately, the challenge of immigration isn't well-planned for or simple for some vulnerable population groups. The events of 2022 have only increased the number of people who would benefit from app development ideas that help them adjust to their new environment.

Safeguarding and protecting your precious personal information and data: Simple but Promising Android App Ideas

These days, we spend far too much money on our smartphones to lose them. Besides, it's not just our money that gets lost. It's also the information that we have saved, the photo moments we wanted to preserve, and our valuable time and energy spent on looking for and replacing our lost items. Spending a bit of money in advance to protect our important data sounds more than reasonable.

The Cost of Mobile App Development: What to Expect

Practically speaking, anything in the range of $40,000 and up to $730,000 (that's not even the ceiling). The truth, however, is that the implementation of app development ideas depends on several key factors:

    • app complexity (the variety of features you choose);


    • the rates of the specific professionals you decide to hire.


Saving your Budget: There Are Some Options


The Discovery Phase Is Where It All Starts

Sometimes the app development ideas end here as well. However, that’s much better than losing vast amounts of money on an unprofitable app down the line. This is the stage to specify the customer you’re targeting, their buying capacities; define the features you want, the costs that will be incurred, and all of the requirements necessary for successful development. 

Outsourcing Is What Saves You Both Time and Money

Outsourcing is a common practice for many reasons. Finding the experts is only half the battle. Creating a united team is another challenge. One highly skilled developer just won't cut it. Flexibility and the lower costs of outsourcing are also great alternatives to hiring new staff, renting an office, buying expensive equipment, and establishing new internal processes.

MVP Is Where You'll See the True Potential of your App Project

You can conduct dozens of market studies (which are necessary, of course), but nothing speaks as eloquently about your success as the consumers who pay for your product. The minimum viable product gets you out there in the marketplace and can make you the industry pioneer (an idea can come simultaneously to several people, but somebody will be the first to present it to the public). The advanced elements of your app can come later. They are just the cherry on top of a well-functioning app. 

Making a test-drive prevents you from having to spend time (which could be dedicated to the promotion of your product), and money on the development of the not-so-valuable features. It also helps to attract investors since they can see your brilliant app development ideas in action.

To Sum Up: How To Turn These Trending App Ideas Into Successful Products?

All of the successful mobile app development ideas are born of demand, passion, and thoughtful planning. First, you solve a problem that has already existed for a while. Second, you turn to the professionals who develop the working code and make it visually appealing. Finally, marketing makes your product well-known and recognized in the marketplace. 



How do I develop an app idea?

You see the problem to solve, come up with a business plan to solve it, and then you hire experienced specialists to make it happen.

What apps should you build in 2023?

Anything that makes life easier and makes people feel better. Health, money and time management, crisis solutions (for immigrants and lost personal data) are all marketable. Minimalism and purposefulness should be the main criteria for the design of your app.

What's the most popular app in 2023?

75 Hard and The Wonder Weeks are simple app ideas that make money on the App Store. Both relate to health, the first one takes care of the mental well-being of the user, and the second - of the physical comfort of a mom-to-be.

The Google Play winners are also linked to health monitoring, one to the human (MX313 Digital Watch Face), and the other one (surprisingly) to the car (Torque Pro). Yet the year has just started, so you have time for your product to get into the ratings by the end of 2023.