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Web Developer Resume: Samples & Writing Tips


samples and writing

Despite the fact that the profession of web developers has already been widespread and there are many specialists in the industry all over the world, the demand for it is constantly growing. This is due to the fact that the digital world is expanding, and more and more areas of human activity are moving into it. This suggests that anyone who wants to grow in the field of web development needs to follow lifelong education and improve their skills, as well as acquire new ones, in order to remain competitive in the labor market.

Also, web developers, both beginners and experienced, need to properly represent their capabilities when they want to find an employer. That's what a web developer resume template is for.

What does a web developer resume look like

If everything is clear with traditional offline professions, when it comes to digital ones, so many people fall into a stupor. What should I include in a document if I work only with visual content? What if I'm a self-taught freelancer?

The answers to all these questions are given below.

It is worth to mention that your resume can be both text and visual, as well as a mix of text and graphics. Many successful web developers use their portfolio as a resume with short text notes containing important information.

Let's consider each option.

  • Resume-CV


resume cv
Also known as junior web developer resume, best for beginners who do not have a portfolio and work experience. This is where resume templates come in handy. There are a huge number of them on the network for free, so don’t worry about wasting time compiling or ordering them.

Choose templates according to the following rules:

    1. They should be designed in a style that is close to you. For example, if you have a minimalist style, you shouldn't go for a flashy design so that recruiters don't get the wrong impression.


    1. If you are only going to include a brief overview of your professional biography in the template, choose a laconic design. Otherwise, you will have to send a half-empty sheet, which can also work against you.


    1. Choose templates without watermarks and author logos. For this, it is best to purchase a template on a dedicated website.

Once you have decided which template is the best for you, start filling it out.

You can follow the chronological or reverse-chronological algorithm in your web dev resume. Today, it is most often recommended to use the second one, because it helps recruiters to save time on exploring the candidate's current skills and capabilities. In addition, this is a chance to immediately offer or show your strengths, without preamble. The benefit of this approach is that if you've had less successful projects in the past, and you've made up for with a recent great job or recently acquired a brand-new skill, the recruiter will be able to appreciate them without bias and prejudice about your background experience.

  • Resume-portfolio (Functional resume)


resume portfolio
Two groups of professionals will be able to benefit the most from this type of resume: experienced web-developers and self-taught freelancers.

To do this, follow 2 steps:

    1. Choose your best works. If you are a beginner and have only a few works in your portfolio, add them all at once. However, if you are a specialist with dozens, or even a hundred works in your portfolio, then select 1-2 best works from different categories. 

For example, a project for a fashion brand, a medical website, a musician's blog, etc. This will help to present you as a multifunctional specialist who can work in different niches. 

In case if you are an experienced web developer, but focus in a particular industry, you need to choose 5-7 best projects.

    1. Compile all items into one file. There are several design options: presentation, video, animation. 

Presentations are the easiest solution. You take screenshots of the pages you have developed or the home pages of projects and put all of them into one .ppt or .pdf document.

Animation can be created online. This solution will be useful if you want to show the animated elements you created in action.

Videos are an advanced level of resumes, where you collect all kinds of work (visual, animated, text) into a single video. If necessary, you can add voice accompaniment with explanations.

  • Mixed resume


mixed resume
A mixed resume is ideal if you have at least one completed project.

After creating the files from steps 1 and 2, merge them. If you used the presentation from step 2, combine everything into a single .pdf document. If you used animation or video, then create a zip archive without compression.

What to include in a text document

No matter what type of resume you have created, the text document should include the following information:

    • Work Experience


    • Contact Information


    • Skills


    • Languages


    • Formal Education


    • Complementary Education (courses, webinars, workshops)


    • Guest Projects (projects you took part in but didn’t play the main role)


    • Awards & Certifications

    • Reviews & References


    • Interests & Hobbies

As mentioned above, write down all this information in reverse-chronological sequence. 

How to write a resume summary

This is not always required, but it will be a great advantage for you, because a prospective employer or recruiter will be able to quickly evaluate your candidacy and not lose it among many other applications.

So be sure to include the following information:

    • Full name


    • Professional title (if any)


    • Workplace / project, if they outstanding (for example, if you work for Google or Apple, be sure to show this in the summary).


    • The best projects you have completed and their key indicators. For example, you created a business card site that helped its owner to attract a large number of customers in a short time. Add this to all your CVs, incl. website developer resume summary.


    • 1-3 your main strengths.


    • The main reason why you want to become a project participant / employee of the company.


Final thoughts

Organizing information about your work as a web developer and the path to this field can be a key factor in getting the job/project of your dreams. Once spending a few hours collecting and designing your main content will help to create a name and brand that will work for you over time. So this is the first step, if you haven't already done so.

Be sure to check the finished documents for grammar, especially if you are writing it in a foreign language. It is also recommended that you make several copies of your developer resume at once in different languages (at least in three, in your native language, in the language of the company where you are submitting your resume, and in international English). When updating one resume over time, remember to update all versions. This will help to keep it relevant and gain time when a new opportunity is short-term and requires an immediate response.

Also keep in mind that even one successful project can become a road to the big world of web development, so don't wait until you have hundreds of completed works. Get started, maybe your dream job is already on your doorstep!