Researchers Hack A Tesla Model S

August 7, 2015 at 1:02 pm By

The cyber car hacks looks as if they are becoming a game for researchers as they have now hijacked a Tesla Model S, a car that was said to be almost immune to thieves. No, they didn’t hot wire the car, instead, they use a computer and one of the cars network table.

“Two researchers have found that they could plug their laptop into a network cable behind a Model S’ driver’s-side dashboard, start the car with a software command, and drive it,” according to Wired.

“They could also plant a remote-access Trojan on the Model S’ network while they had physical access, then later remotely cut its engine while someone else was driving. Kevin Mahaffey co-founder and CTO of mobile security firm Lookout and Marc Rogers, principal security researcher for CloudFlare, discovered the vulnerabilities after digging through the architecture of a Tesla Model S over a period of about two years and will be discussing their findings at the Def Con hacker conference on Friday in Las Vegas.”

This hack is a bit more difficult as the party involved in the crime would have to gain physical access to the car. That being said, once the hacker is connected Tesla’s system, they have full access to vehicle. The hack was very short-lived because Tesla has already released a patch to remedy the security flaw.

“The researchers found six vulnerabilities in the Tesla car and worked with the company for several weeks to develop fixes for some of them,” reported Wired.

“Tesla distributed a patch to every Model S on the road on Wednesday. Unlike Fiat Chrysler, which recently had to issue a recall for 1.4 million cars and mail updates to users on a USB stick to fix vulnerabilities found in its cars, Tesla has the ability to quickly and remotely deliver software updates to its vehicles.”

Tesla vehicles pride themselves on the technology that they contain and their swift moves might want need to be seen as a model for how to handle these sorts of security issues.

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