Impressing Web Design Clients and Increasing Business

January 29, 2016 at 2:33 pm By

When it comes to getting your name out in the business world, customer satisfaction is one of the major keys. Your agency is always as successful as the work your put out, however, how you treat your clients can also impact your business.

PC Tech Mag revealed a couple of ways in which you can ensure great customer service, which leads to more references and more business coming your way. The article suggests three major ways that includes: under promising but over delivering, adding value and thanking your clients.

In that initial pitching stage, you may be so keen to win the business that you will promise the moon on a stick within a short timeframe, without really knowing whether or not you can feasibly deliver it,” according to the article.

“There is nothing wrong with agreeing to things you may then have to go away and work on the technical skills for a little, but always give yourself plenty of time, and don’t promise things you have no idea how you’ll pull off. Under promising doesn’t mean playing down how good what you create will be, but being conservative about things like time estimates.”

This is a smart way of delivering your project well before the time you initially scheduled with your client. It does trick the client in a way which might seem a bit off to some however, it will help them increase the amount of business you receive if they see your productivity level that high.

Add ons are also a good way to show that you’re putting in that extra effort when it comes to giving your client the very best service. However, you should be careful to make sure any add ons you choose will be accepted by your client. Obviously showing appreciation to anyone will benefit any relationship so a simple card or email should suffice according to the article.

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