Javascript Apps Breakaway From the Web With Nativefier

January 25, 2016 at 2:16 pm By

The way developers see web applications is changing for the better. Javascript apps are being freed from the clutches of the web and it’s all due to the Node.js platform that that allows Javascript to ditch browsers and become realized into applications.

Nativefier is based on the Node.js runtime, but it goes a few steps further, allowing for quick and automated conversions from regular old web sites to stand-alone desktop applications,” according to Motherboard.

“You could right now make this site into a piece of software. In fact, I just did.

The entire process is made pretty simple for developers who are looking to take the web out of web applications and create apps that can run solely through operating systems.

“Nativefier does this thanks to a framework called Electron, which enables programmers to write desktop applications in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS,” according to the report.

“Nativefier first automatically creates a template of the target website and feeds this into Electron, which then ‘wraps’ the template with all of the required stuff to make an .exe or .app file, using a browser window to render the HTML.”

Michael Byrne, editor of Motherboard, revealed that he actually created a desktop program of his own. Imagine having any application at your fingertips that you were able to build thanks to Nativefier. It’s going to be interesting to see where this technology leads. Will there be more focus on the development of apps for machines or will web applications survive?

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