Debunked Myths of Responsive Web Design

February 15, 2016 at 2:32 pm By

Everyone says that responsive web design is the future of web design, however, there are often some pretty important points that get lost in translation when it comes down to it. Some of the myths of responsive web design includes the fact that it’s only geared toward mobile devices, expensive and ensures faster load times.

Well, Madelyn Jade of Host Review, highlights reasons why some of these statements are in fact myths about responsive web design. She first tackles the myth which states that responsive web design is compatible with all browsers. Jade points out that while responsive web design is compatible with modern browsers like Chrome and Safari, the older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 aren’t part of the club. As for the claims of being geared towards mobile devices, Jade reports:

However, it is not associated only with mobile devices because it is not concerned about the measurement of the screen size. RWD is meant to support all internet enabled devices and capable to fit all sizes of monitors.”

She adds that responsive web design is not as expensive as everyone makes it out to be. While admitting that it is time consuming, Jade says development teams are trying to find more efficient ways of going about using it. Like all other aspects of web design, there are always new tools being created to ensure that the process is much more expedient and simplified. There is no way responsive web design should be any different.

Jade continued to say that load times are actually slower and that responsive web designs are in fact compatible with SEO. When a new method rolls out there are always claims backing it and supporting it as the next big thing, however, it looks like we might want to wait awhile before dubbing responsive web design as the savior.

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