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Top 6 Remote React JS Development Services You Should Know About


Industry giants like Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook choose React.js for their web apps. That's because this technology allows building websites and mobile applications quickly and cost-effectively, and users appreciate their responsiveness and fast loading. From this article, you'll learn about the React JS technology, check its solutions, and find out why to outsource skilled React devs.

About React JS Solutions and Developers

React has gained popularity among software engineers because this JavaScript library is flexible, dynamic, independent, and easy to learn. It also belongs to one of the most used development technologies –- the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS). In 2021, React became the top web library with over 40% of users, leaving jQuery, Express, Angular, and Vue behind.

Users appreciate React because its web and mobile app interfaces are fast and interactive. No matter how complex your website or application is, React JS optimizes it, significantly reducing the load time. Moreover, coders can create beautiful and unique UI (User Interface) designs with this framework.

From the business perspective, React is more budget-friendly as it decreases development and maintenance costs. In addition, minimizing the load time and tracking users' activity on a web page and app lets companies personalize the customer experience and, consequently, grow conversions and revenues.

Skills to Check When You Hire React Developer

When considering enlarging your team with React.js coders, you'll need to understand which skills these professionals have to possess. And, React coders should:

  • Know the basics of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Be able to manipulate algorithms, Babel, JSX, event handlers
  • Understand the Virtual DOM, JSX extension, and component lifecycle
  • Use the frontend development tools like DevOps and CI/CD
  • Work with Node + NPM and Mocha testing frameworks
  • Have experience with Redux, Flux, and Create React App data structure libraries
  • Be ready to interpret business needs into technical requirements
  • Have good time management skills and meet deadlines
  • Possess troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Stay open to feedback and suggest changes when necessary.

And here are some of the responsibilities of your future team member:

reactjs developer


However, you can avoid worrying about the competence of your future dev team members and reduce the stress of recruiting. This will be possible once you outsource remote React JS development services from a reliable provider. And now, let's check how a professional React JS team can improve your business.

6 Services React JS Developer Coders Can Provide

Below you'll see several examples of what React developers can do for your company.

1.   Create an eCommerce project

If you want to launch an e-commerce platform, your web or mobile app has to be speedy and easy. Potential buyers won't wait until your online shop loads the top-quality images or processes the order. And React JS is the intelligent UI building instrument that can offer an exceptional user experience to shoppers.

2.   Develop a SaaS platform

Since businesses switch to the Software as a Service model when using various cloud services, the SaaS platforms have to work ideally. Instant downloading, access to multiple functions, and managing hundreds of users' queries must be backed by a powerful engine. And React library is the driving force that boosts that performance.

3.   Build a social network

Social networks are based on the engagement of their users, which grows due to relevant news feeds. And the components of the React Native Activity Feed are aimed to create catchy feeds that increase engagement, conversions, and retention of your social app's members. So, React.js ensures that large-scale news feeds are fast and always up and running.

4.   Perform data visualization functionality

Businesses require a tool to present the valuable information they collect. And React technology is one of the instruments which structure the data and present it in clear graphs, charts, lines, maps, etc. This way, proper web analytics helps get valuable insights and allows founders and managers to make data-driven decisions.

5.   Host your React JS application

If you already have someone who will write the code for your app but still haven't decided which cloud servers to use for storing that code, outsourced React engineers can help. They'll assess your project and advise which service provider to choose to guarantee its scalability, reliability, and versatility. They'll help you not get lost checking what each of the top four cloud-based service providers (Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft) offers.

6.   Consult on your project

No matter at which development stage your React.js project is and which tech challenges you face, experienced consultants are here to help. They'll audit the code quality, check if it needs updating for the latest  React JS version, improve the performance, set up the CI/CD process, implement React best practices, etc. So, if you need to improve the functionality and reliability of your app, address a React consultant.

Summing Up

React JS will help you launch an eCommerce website, create a SaaS platform, develop data visualization functionality, and create other functionality for your online project. But to develop a top-notch web app, you'll need to hire a powerful ReactJS team or contract an experienced React JS consultant.