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What Exactly is IT Rating, and Why is it Vital to Your Business?


The IT industry is huge. It consists of such spheres as web development, mobile development, data science, web analytics, web design, SEO and so on. To comfortably navigate through this extensive ecosystem, you need an online resource where all the data will be represented in a well-structured and comprehensive format. Rating IT companies was created with the aim of becoming this kind of resource.

What Is IT-Rating dot Com?

As its name suggests, it's a website that publishes ratings of top professions in the IT industry. There is a dedicated rating for each niche (such as web development, mobile development and so on). New entries and being continuously added to the lists. The information is regularly updated.
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What Differs IT-Rating from Other Similar Projects?

It-rating is an impartial project. Contractors that are included in the rating can't pay the It-rating administration to improve their positions. They can't do anything to influence the results apart from being highly professional.

This project relies on unbiased metrics. Before adding a contractor to the list, the It-rating team scrutinizes their portfolio, client reviews, the tools they work with and other qualitative and quantitative aspects. The full list of the relevant criteria for each niche is available on the It-rating website.

The team of this project doesn't simply rely on the statements made by a certain contractor. They strive to prove all words with facts. For instance, a contractor might state that they can handle a specific framework. Then, they will be required to show works from their portfolio that were built with the help of that framework.

It-rating is still a young project. It has successfully taken off and its reputation has been impeccable so far. Some other ratings that were established years ago might feature hundreds or even thousands of IT companies. When you add yours there, it will get lost in an avalanche of information. It-rating is not that big yet. That's why it guarantees better visibility for the professionals who join it.

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How Can IT-Rating Be Helpful for IT Professionals?

IT professionals who add themselves to It-rating can benefit from this project in the following ways.

Your Potential Clients and Partners Will Understand That You Treat Your Business Seriously

Top IT specialists don't only focus on coding or analytics. They invest time and effort in their promotions. Third parties appreciate such proactivity.

It's Your Chance to Detect Areas for Improvement

When you land a certain position in your niche rating, you'll understand why you got such a result. You'll be able to compare yourself to other professionals from your sector as well as analyze their strong and weak points. You'll better realize your competitive edge. It will be easier for you to focus on improving those aspects of your workflows that might still be imperfect. It-rating fosters honest competition.

Great Opportunities for Everyone

It-rating targets its services at specialists of all levels: from junior developers to top managers of large companies. Everyone can find new useful knowledge and contacts on this website. This project will help you to grow professionally and make the most of your career.

How Can IT-Rating Be Helpful for Private People and Organizations Who Look for IT Contractors?

The first thing that users mention when they open It-rating is an incredibly intuitive interface and a modern, visually appealing design. Then, they discover many other advantages of the project.

AI-Based Recommendations

It-rating is AI-powered. It will remember all your requests and requirements. The more frequently you use this website, the better its AI remembers your preferences. It will proactively recommend the most opportune contractors to you.


You don't need to be tech-savvy to select the best professionals. You'll clearly see who is the top specialist in a given niche and why they deserve this status. No guesswork, no surprises.


If you begin to look for IT contractors manually, you'll have to check their websites one by one and put down their prices in a separate document. That's tedious work, especially if different contractors indicate their prices in different formats. At It-rating, it will take you a few seconds to compare the pricing of several professionals.


It-rating allows you to run tenders extremely conveniently. When contractors will be offering their services to you, all the applications will have a uniform structure. You'll be able to comfortably compare candidates at a glance. You'll happily avoid the mess that inevitably takes place when the participants of the tender begin to send their proposals to your email.

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What Else Can IT-Rating Offer to Its Users?

This project offers the following opportunities for its users:  
    • Job openings. Professionals with any level of expertise can find a well-paid job here. It can be an in-house position, a remote one or a short-term project.


    • Courses and training opportunities. You'll get to know where to acquire new skills and knowledge on the most favorable conditions.


    • Industry news and analytics. Be the first to get a competitive edge thanks to this valuable data.


    • Events. In the calendar of events, you'll discover the information about the conferences, workshops, webinars and other online or offline gatherings that you might want to attend.


    • Technology. Read about the specifics and advantages of various tools, frameworks and solutions that you might need to use at work.

The It-rating ecosystem is continuously expanding and evolving.

Final Thoughts

It-rating is a go-to resource for all IT professionals and clients who'd like to hire such specialists. It's an ecosystem that contains large amounts of well-structured knowledge about IT. The most important part is the ratings of top contractors in various spheres, such as web design, web analytics, mobile development, SEO and so on. Besides, you can find job openings, industry news and insightful analytics on this website. If you own or manage an IT company, make sure it's listed on It-rating to boost its visibility, strengthen its reputation and, eventually, make more money! If you're a private person or an organization, It-rating will help you quickly find professionals whose skills and expertise precisely match your requirements.