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Which Online Marketing Strategies Are Best For Lead Generation?


online marketing

Any business owner will tell you (no matter what industry they are in), lead generation is the biggest ball ache of them all. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and it’s frustrating. However, there are far easier and more effective ways of attracting ‘ready to spend’ customers to your cause. If you’ve been struggling and need a solution, read on and we’ll share the best online marketing strategies for generating new leads…

1.   Local SEO

While SEO in general is valuable, local SEO is the perfect lead gen solution for small businesses who rely on their local community to thrive.

Put it this way: 76% of all local searches conducted on a mobile device end up visiting an establishment within 24-hours!

That is a powerful statistic indeed. And the best part? They are already highly qualified leads because they are actively searching for the products and services that you offer!

2.   Email marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing is one of the most valuable and yet woefully underrated forms of digital marketing / lead generation available today.

Of course, how can you market via email if you have no email list to speak of?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Build a lead magnet: a lead magnet is a FREE, ‘high-value’ giveaway on your website. This is most typically in the form of an eBook packed full of useful information (e.g., a Miami SEO company could offer a free eBook with their most valuable local SEO secrets). Then, in order to obtain their awesome eBook, website visitors will need to enter their email address and ultimately sign up to your email list.

  • Write a newsletter: as your email list grows you should continue to produce high-value emails for your audience to engage with. Many won’t bother reading them at all, however, those that do are already very clearly interested in the products or services that you offer and could only be a few emails away from making their final decision or returning for more! Promotions, updates, new product releases, discounts; there’s no limit to the value you can provide in your email list.

3.   Social media marketing

Social media marketing is another highly valuable form of lead generation because it allows you to create highly refined adverts for a very specific audience.

For example, Facebook allows you to push your adverts in front of a highly fine-tuned demographic, including age, gender, location, likes, dislikes, and so much more.

LinkedIn is also an especially useful tool for generating B2B leads. Whether through crafting ads or simply regularly posting high-value content to grow and monetise an audience, it’s entirely up to you.

4.   PPC advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is a great digital marketing method if you get it right. This is because you can effectively attract “instant” leads, rather than having to work for 6-months on your SEO to start generating more inbound organic traffic.

That being said, PPC is incredibly difficult to master and it can be an expensive learning process if you are inexperienced / don’t have the appropriate support.

5.   Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a relatively young (though by no means ineffective) form of lead generation in digital marketing.

If you can find a popular social media influencer who fits perfectly with your brand and has a large online following who are in-line with your ideal target demographic, then you can partner with them to be an ambassador for your brand and products / services to ultimately attract as many new leads as possible.

While this isn’t exactly the cheapest method, if you can secure a deal with the perfect influencer, the results can be tremendous!


These are just a handful of the lead gen methods available today. While it is certainly no simple task, if you invest plenty of time and effort into conducting the appropriate research, fine-tuning your message, and providing an exceptional amount of value by way of content creation, you should not have any trouble cutting through the noise and resonating with your tribe. Of course, don’t neglect the importance of having a well-optimized website with an intuitive user experience, otherwise you’ll be attracting new leads only for them to abandon your website for your competitors!

We hope this has been inspiring and that you now have some ideas of your own for attracting new clients to your cause. Good luck!