Best Digital Design Blogs to Follow

January 20, 2016 at 2:26 pm By

The world of web design is crammed full of websites that claim to know any and everything you need to know in the profession. A recent Forbes piece aimed to narrow that down for designers looking to grow their career or keep up to date in the latest trends of web design. The list has a little something for everyone and is pretty extensive.

“Whether you are a startup founder, entrepreneur or a creative freelancer you read a lot of blogs and magazines every day,” said Tomas Laurinavicius, a Forbes contributor. 

“In the age of digital noise, it is extremely hard to find great publications with valuable information that inspires, educates and provides actionable content.”

Many of these blogs concentrate on user experience, product design, productive design, free resources, tutorials, trends, techniques and innovation. Web design is always moving in a progressive direction and these blogs work as tools for professionals that will help them move in the same direction without falling behind.

While the Forbes list pulls the 25 best blogs, we decided to narrow it down even further with out 10 favorites from the list. Our ten include:

PSD Repo

Format Magazine

Ustwo Blog


Hacking UI

Canva Design School Blog

Tubik Studio

Awwwards Blog

FilterGrade Blog

Digital Telepathy Blog

The ten blogs listed above are the ones we feel exemplify the areas in which most web designers want information on. The sites are all pretty attractive, easy to use and contain a lot of great information for beginners, intermediate and expert designers who are looking to get a little more out of the profession.

Finding the right resources can really be a daunting task but having a list of the best ones to check on a daily basis should help the process.

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