The Next Web Offers Advice on Becoming A Responsible Developer

March 28, 2016 at 5:13 pm By

No matter what profession you are in, it’s always best to be the best you can be at the particular career. A recent article from The Next Web offers advice tailored to developers who want to be better and more responsible with their job.

Great and successful developers are often responsible but not necessarily so,” said Adam Nowak in his article titled, “How to be a Responsible and Badass Developer.”

“Responsibility means that you know yourself and your own limitations while also maintaining an awareness of what the project requires.”

Nowak outlined the fact that being a responsible developer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be the most experienced developer. Some of the tips he included were to keep a conversation going with your team, always keep busy instead of waiting around for answers, know and make aware your limitations and use your best judgement when working alone.

Working as a developer for someone isn’t just about pushing code,” said Nowak.

“The responsible dev knows that communication and transparency are as important as the code itself and that we should always try to understand and carefully consider the customer’s business goals when working on the app.”

He continued to stress the need to make sure you do small things that can make bigger impacts, as well as being a team member who is there for the team whenever they need your assistance. In terms of the criteria for a responsible developer, Nowak has a detailed outline of it all in his article with a complete checklist to make sure you are on your way to becoming a responsible developer.

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